Jennifer Lopez pays wonderful tribute to Selena Quintanilla, the Dons family was given a t-shirt

In 1997, a young girl was shown in American cinemas in the form of a singer named Selena Quintanilla. The title of the movie was Selene which was based on the real story of the singer herself. Starring none other than Jennifer Lopez. In March 2022, work on the film was completed. 25 years. Recently, after 25 years of filming, the 53-year-old singer and actress paid tribute to the late singer by wearing T-shirt with a picture of Selena.

When Lopez starred in the biopic, Seleneshe was only 28. The film tells the story Selena Perez, popular music star Tejano. She is catapulted to stardom through her music and dies. tragic death at a young age of 23 after she got shot the president of her fan club. On the floor the singer has received widespread acclaim for her accurate portrayal of the singer. Recently, Lopez appeared in a T-shirt with a picture of Selena.

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Jennifer Lopez pays tribute to Selena Quintanilla

When Lopez went out with her family for a walk, she was spotted wearing floral print trousers, gray boots and sunglasses. All these things got huge allocate to her Selena Quintanilla T-shirt. The singer went shopping at the Cost Plus World Market with her daughter. Emma, ​​14 years old. Together with the singer were her sister Linda Lopez and niece Lucy. Well, here is a picture of the singer with her loved ones, flaunting in a T-shirt.

However, before donning the T-shirt in public, she flaunted her Christmas gifts in the latest issue of the magazine. “On J. Lo”. Among other things, there were several musical t-shirts that Selena’s family donated Loving you singer. She even posted on her Instagram thank you letter to the family. As she promised in her post, she rocked a t-shirt on her latest shopping hunt. The singer also remembered Selena and said that she most of her life.

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With a very thoughtful gift, Marry me the star expressed it love for the film, the late singer and, of course, the gift. Have you watched the movie? What gifts did you receive this holiday? Tell us about your wonderful holiday gifts in the comment box below.

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