Interview with Oktobers

Oktobers is a metaphysical and witchcraft store in Lakewood where you can find tarot and oracle decks, jewelry, and magical herbs. This mysterious place belongs to Jessica Oktober and was interviewed by the Lakewood Times.

How did you come up with the idea for Oktobers?

That’s my last name – and there’s an apostrophe in the name, because technically it’s all my stuff until I sell it, which I thought was cute and funny.

When and how did you start getting items?

I started receiving items around November 2018. Lots of research on wholesale companies and individual artists.

Where would you place possible other locations outside of Lakewood?

I don’t think I’ll ever move. Lakewood is my home and I love the community.

What is the most valuable item you have acquired over the years?

I’m not sure about the astronomical monetary value of any of the items I sell, but people have brought me things like bat skeletons from Brazil and stones from a graveyard in Scotland, and these things are in my store and I just love it when people bring me small offerings and items. So those are the things that are valuable to me.

What products attract people to your store the most?

Customers love our wide range of crystals as well as the items I have purchased for various deities, our services (tarot readings, palmistry, reiki, etc.) and I think just the wide range of metaphysical items in my store.

Do most people come just to see or buy something?

Usually most people buy something, whether it’s a gift or something small for themselves. I try to have a large selection of products in different price categories so that all my customers are satisfied.

What is the most popular item to buy here?

Seven-day candles, crystals, handmade jewelry, spell sets, herbs, textiles, Tarot decks; all sorts of metaphysical items, but these are definitely some of the best.

Has the agency ever filed a complaint because they thought the points were controversial?

Not institutes, but we had a few people who taught us how to use certain herbs and over-grow them, so there are certain things that I no longer carry with me. Some herbs are just unstable and I’m not interested in carrying them around.

Is there any product or item you wanted to sell or show but couldn’t due to permits or disputes?

There are certain animal feathers that are illegal to sell in the state.

What is your favorite subject?

I work a lot and use crystals and herbs, but since I oversee the entire store, I love most of the stuff we have.

What are your plans for the future?

We have just added a room for our October events that is adjacent to our Tarot room and we also have a Reiki room at the back. I just want to move forward by giving the community a safe space for metaphysical events as well as for the study of witchcraft in a judgment free zone. We will also continue to work with some local and cherished charities.

Do you have a big enough market here in Lakewood to support and grow your unique business?

I think so. We have grown a lot since we moved to Birdtown and I feel like we will continue to thrive! We are going through the process of getting a new blade outside of the building as well as more lighting as we are open until 8pm 5 days a week and 6pm the other two days.

What subject supports your business?

I’m not sure if it’s just one item. I think it’s a delicate balance of the many things we have to offer the community in terms of metaphysical materials, and the local arts and services we provide, such as tarot readings, palmistry, Lenormand. Readings, Astrological readings and Reiki.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Being an entrepreneur is a lot of work, especially if you are not funded by a single beneficiary or a private company and cannot get bank loans. I’ve been running the entire business since 2018 and it’s a lot of work with very long hours, but it’s very rewarding to be able to provide metaphysical help to those who seek it.

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