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It all comes.

20 years it’s been a long time and at CoolCleveland we can honestly say we never thought we’d live to see this day. But the best things take time and persistence. And if you’re going to make this place a better place, you better be a force of nature.

Bella Sin is also celebrating her 20th birthday in Cleveland and we are doing our best for her and her energy, spirit and enterprise by creating the Ohio International Burlesque Festival, serving as a burlesque historian, volunteering where she can, and even creating her own line cosmetics. .

A long time ago, WJCU-FM 88.7 was WUJC and they broadcast from the iconic Clock Tower building on the John Carroll campus. Next Tuesday, you can celebrate the unique and rich culture of our region’s college radio as they again broadcast from the tower for the first time since 1984, with 100 alumni expected to take turns at the board.

It’s time get out and explore the spring in NEO and there’s a lot going on. Join a public gathering at Old Stone Church to discuss the master plan for the Cuyahoga Riverfront. Be one of the first to attend a performance at Akron’s newest venue, the Creative Arts Collaboration Center. Speaking of new, Ohio City Pasta founder Gary Thomas has converted his Hingtown warehouse space into an art gallery with an exhibition of work by under-the-radar artist Roger von Golling, who has done album covers for iconic Cleveland bands Lucky Pierre, System 56 and Prick. . It’s time.
— Thomas Mulready

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