ImmutableX Announces Their New Immutable Passport to Adapt

Blockchain game development platform and web3 game scaling solution ImmutableX has announced its new Immutable Passport. At its core, the passport aims to provide a simple and secure solution for game studios.

Immutable Passport is a wallet and authentication tool that makes it easy for gamers to sign up with passwordless login and automatic wallet generation. Passport offers a non-custodial solution that never stores the user’s private keys or participates in transaction signing. With Passport, game studios can drive adoption among key audiences, maintain enterprise-grade security, and access meaningful player analytics. Players get access to a secure digital wallet, fraud protection and seamless authentication in games and web3 marketplaces.

Passport came about through customer research by the ImmutableX team, which found that customization, security, and plug and play mechanics are among the top priorities of the development studios. Achieving these goals requires the core gamer-friendly wallet to have a simple login process using social media accounts from popular services such as Google and Apple. This will allow game projects to easily accept a new, wider audience.

Immutable Passport provides enterprise-grade security by ensuring that only the owner of the corresponding private key can gain access, allowing players to stay protected and in control of their assets.

Passport provides a non-custodial wallet solution that never stores private keys. It provides users with an invisible signing feature that makes it easier for players to interact and also ensures that signing transactions can only be initiated by the end user through their device. In addition, the registration process does not require a password, which reduces the risk of account hacking and forgotten passwords – gamers enter a one-time password sent to their email.

Immutable Passport will also enable game studios and developers to gain critical insights, including customer behavior and player needs and desires. What’s more, any studio that integrates with Passport will have access to a large group of active players in the ImmutableX ecosystem. In addition, partners will have instant access to a robust web3 ecosystem of tools, APIs, and infrastructure solutions that scale globally.

“For web games to reach a billion players, onboarding must be invisible, secure, and work on any game—mobile, console, or desktop. So far, safety and friction have been a compromise. Passport is a self-storage wallet that users can log into using just an email address and a one-time password. This will be a game changer for players and will drastically reduce user acquisition costs. said longtime president and co-founder Robbie Ferguson. “Moreover, just like a gamertag or a Steam account, Immutable Passport offers unified identification, transaction and authentication features that simply did not exist in the web3 gaming space until now. We can’t wait to show our partners the power of Immutable Passport.”

The IMX-exclusives Guild of Guardians and Gods Unchained will be among the first games to feature Immutable Passport integration at launch. They have already started implementing Passport as their wallet and authentication solution.

In addition, Immutable Passport will also provide players and developers with one-stop access to the entire Immutable ecosystem, including all marketplaces, tools, and more.

Immutable Passport is scheduled to launch in April 2023, but game studios and developers can start the integration process now. Find out more here

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