How Ryan Gosling Made the Single Nod to “The Most Destructive Thing in the World”

From the very beginning of his career, Ryan Gosling has chosen a path that demonstrates how brilliant he is as an actor. Gosling has never acted in a commercial film before. he has proven with his roles in countless independent films that he is one of the most trusted actors in the country. Ryan Gosling is so good that people are willing to watch Barbie movie with him as Ken. Gosling was a child actor at Disney and was only growing up to perfect his craft. The actor received a Golden Globe Award and a BAFTA Award, as well as two Oscar nominations.

But that didn’t mean that Gosling didn’t manage to get on the Oscars stage to receive the award. His romantic musical comedy-drama La La Land was the best film of 2016 for just three minutes at the Oscars before they announced there had been a mistake and Moonlight was a real winner. Though La La Land didn’t win an Oscar it truly held a special place in the hearts of everyone who watched it. In particular, Ryan Gosling’s subtle yet beautiful performance is something that fans can’t stop discussing until now.

Fans once again want to submit a nodding Ryan Gosling to La La Land for the Oscars.

In 2016, Damien Chazelle created a masterpiece that was La La Land. This film was unlike any other film released during that era. Not only was La La Land musical, but it also focused on two people with a unique set of aspirations for their world. In the film, Gosling plays a jazz pianist named Sebastian Wilder. He falls head over heels in love with Amelia Dolan, beautifully played by Emma Stone.

Seb Wilder struggles with broken dreams, but with the advent of Amelia Dolan in his lifehe also has to deal with unrequited love.

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The film gave an ending that beautifully completed what La La Land it’s all about. As much as the sun and rainbow sound in the title, the film or its ending is nothing like it.

Ryan Gosling’s nod at the end, from which fans are still unhappy, symbolizes a very important and heartbreaking moment in the character’s life.

When he sees that the love of his life is already married and where she wants to be, Gosling melancholy plays the melody of their theme music. The nod at the end of the song is a signal of confirmation and hope that she is happy. With so many emotions expressed in one nod, Gosling was great in this scene.

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