“He was fighting like she was another grown *** man,” 3-year-old girl is dead after she was beaten by her father for extended period of time leading to her death

The father of the 3-year-old Elena was arrested last week and is facing multiple charges including injury to a child, aggravated assault and evading arrest for allegedly beating the toddler for extended period of time causing her serious injuries leading to her death. The girl was admitted in hospital for treatment over the weekend, but she was pronounced dead few days later after reportedly declared brain dead.

The main suspect in the case remains Elena’s father, identified as B. Joiner, and he is accused for beating the little girl for extended period of time. Elena’s cause of death was listed as pending, and once the final autopsy results are completed, the father might get upgraded charges.

Investigators were able to determine that Joiner was constantly beating the little Elena for extended period of time. That was also confirmed by victim’s mother, who knew about the what was going on in their Texas home, but she was unable to take any action, or at least that’s what she later said to the authorities.

Elena’s mother was home when the last beating took place two weekends ago on Sunday and she reportedly witnessed the fatal incident. Elena had four more siblings, all under the age of 5, and they also witnessed the incident.

The little angel was admitted to hospital on Sunday with two black eyes, a broken arm and bruises around her ears. She’d suffered a traumatic brain injury, they say, and doctors removed a portion of her skull because of the swelling. Her feet, family members say, had severe burns that were more than 24 hours old, revealing the abuse had gone on for days.

The toddler was reportedly declared brain dead before she was pronounced dead on Wednesday, three days after the fatal beating. Meanwhile, Joiner was arrested the day after he beating on Monday and he was held in jail and faces multiple charges that might be upgraded once Elena’s final autopsy results are released.

Joiner is well-known offender to the local authorities as he has long history of violence and other cases. Elena’s family relatives blame the Child Protective Services of not intervening despite receiving several reports about ongoing abuse at the home.

According to the closets family relatives who actually knew that something was happening in their home, Elena’s siblings had also been beaten and abused by their monster father. The day before Elena was hospitalized, her 5-year-old sister was allegedly beaten by Joiner and burned with scalding water.

“Elena’s mother was saying the whole time that her husband was beating Elena, he was fighting like she was another grown *** man,” Elena’s uncle told KTVT. The girl’s aunt alleged that the toddler’s older sister told her during the deadly beating, “Stop crying and he’ll stop hitting you.”

Family relatives and neighbors reported the father to the Child Protective Services in multiple occasions that one of the children will die if they still allow Joiner to live with the minors. Elena’s aunt claimed the first call was made to CPS when the now-5-year-old was 6 months old. Elena’s grandmother reportedly tried to take the children, but the CPS eventually returned them to Joiner’s home.

Family relatives believe that the CPS could have saved the children if they managed to take actions in the past. The latest report to the CPS was filed anonymously asking the agency to intervene in the family’s home. CPS officials confirmed they have been visiting Joiner’s home following multiple reports, but they would not disclose the nature of those meetings.

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