Green handouts shaped SVB business, DeSantis exposes book ban hoax and other comments

Climate War: Green Handouts Shaped SVB Biz

“If the government funds it, they will come,” quipped Kimberly A. Straussell of The Wall Street Journal. “It’s one of the missing storylines” in the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank. In recent years, SVB’s clients have “shifted in one direction,” including 1,150 climate technology and sustainability clients. The bank provided services to start-ups that were not profitable and would have a harder time getting credit elsewhere, i.e., “subprime firms”, knowing that the federal government was offering “handouts” to such companies. For example, Congress’s $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill “was the starting weapon for the cleantech frenzy,” making “hundreds of billions” available. The Inflation Reduction Act “thrown more dollars at green innovators.” And when SVB failed, Biden’s team swooped in to bring together “all these cleantech companies.” “Let’s talk about our favorite industry.”

Energy Strike: Blackout Legislation

The legislation in Albany would put “state government in the renewable energy construction business” and shut down fossil fuel power plants “which generate a significant portion of New York and Long Island’s electricity” without a realistic plan to replace the lost energy. warns James E. Hanley of the Empire Center. By 2030, “The Public Renewable Energy Building Act will require the New York City Energy Authority to. . . stop all energy production from fossil fuels and build or buy only renewable energy.” However, the state will take longer to build renewable energy projects “to replace NYPA’s natural gas and dual fuel generators.” Even the head of the agency “asserted that” the bill obliges “. . . are simply unworkable. The BPRA compromises NYPA’s ability to provide “energy that powers lighting, air conditioning, and electric heating.”

Media watching: DeSantis exposes book ban hoax

In a recent press release by Ron DeSantis, The Prohibition Book Hoax, the Florida government corrected a “misleading narrative,” writes Dave Seminar in the City Journal. First, the event featured clips of reporters criticizing him for “alleged attacks on free speech”, “empty bookshelves” in school libraries, and “book bans” on black baseball stars. However, he then showed images of sexually explicit content found in schools, and “local television interrupted their broadcast”, thus confirming DeSantis’ point that some books in school libraries “contain inappropriate content.” It found that “23 Florida school districts alone seized a total of 175 books,” most of which were pornographic, violent, or otherwise inappropriate. DeSantis did not ban the books; “Floridians can still buy any book [they] whether or not inappropriate titles have been removed from school libraries.”

Foreign Bureau: Biden’s misguided “eternal war”

President Biden’s “erroneous belief” that his “perpetual war” approach to Ukraine “will bring Russia to the negotiating table” misses “an opportunity to turn the bloody battles around.” . . into potentially game-ending checkmates, according to Mark Toth and Jonathan Sweet in The Hill. Putin is using “the time Biden gives him” to add “military pieces” to the chessboard, such as the Kh-47M2 Kinzhal hypersonic ballistic missile, even as “Xi Jinping sees an opportunity to exploit Biden’s apparent reluctance to take decisive action.” victory as a means of weakening the US in the face of any potential conflict in Taiwan.” It’s time to “give Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky the pieces he needs to checkmate Putin.”

Conservative: Joe is to blame for the fall of the bank

President Biden is promising a “full account” of the collapse of the Silicon Valley bank, but that would mean he would take “responsibility for the reckless management that helped create the environment that made” the bank’s fall possible, accuses The Federalist’s David Harsanyi. “The Fed wouldn’t have been forced to aggressively raise interest rates if Biden had acted” responsibly. Instead, he and “the entire left-wing political infrastructure” dismissed inflation warnings, and Biden signed on to trillions in new spending. Of course, inflation began to “bursts”. But even then, Biden was eager to spend another $5 trillion. Recipe now: higher interest rates to slow growth. However, after the fall of the SVB, “the Fed should think twice” about it “because it could lead to a run on banks.” We’re left with “a few good options.”

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