Gasoline-powered leaf blowers might soon be banned in Dallas because they are noisy and pollute the air

Dallas, TX – Dallas City Council is considering to ban gasoline-powered leaf blowers because they are noisy and pollute the air.

City staff explained the issue to the council members on Tuesday, but some are afraid there are not good alternatives in cleaning the leaves on the streets.

Calling gas-powered blowers, a public health concern, the Dallas City Council committee directed the city’s new environmental commission to study a potential ban on the ubiquitous tools.

Multiple studies have shown that using gas-powered leaf blowers are dangerous for the environment as they are polluting the air and one simple comparison with a vehicle shows how bad they are. According to the California Research Board, one hour of a leaf blower is like driving from Dallas to Orlando, Florida.

“It’s a public health issue when you wake up at 3 a.m. and a son with asthma can’t breathe, and it impacts people of color,” said Councilwoman Paula Blackmon.

However, some claim that despite being environmental unfriendly, there are not enough good alternatives to the gas-powered leaf blowers.

According to landscaper Ron Hall who also own a business, banning the gas leaf blowers will cost people more because it’s proven that gas leaf blowers are at least three times more efficient compared to everything else.

“If I give you a bid of $500 to maintain your property, and you say no gas leaf blowers, I’m going to charge 30 percent more,” he said.

The math is simple, that will cost people at least $150 more.

The only alternative to gas leaf blowers is the electric leaf blowers, but they only last not more than an hour.

The city’s environmental commission was asked to report back to the city council with regulation proposals in September.

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