Former Buckeye helps man stranded in NYC blizzard get to hospital

Former OSU Buckeye, Doug Worthington, helped transport a 64-year-old disabled person to a local hospital in New York City after he was caught in a deadly snowstorm.

COLUMBUS, Ohio. The former Ohio Buckeye is credited with helping a handicapped man who suffered severe frostbite get to the hospital after a blizzard buried much of western New York last week.

Doug Worthington, a former Buffalo quarterback, was with his son-in-law when they saw the woman’s request on social media. Sha’Kira Otry asked for someone to help get 64-year-old Joe “Joey” White to the hospital after a snowstorm made it difficult for emergency services to travel to respond to her requests.

Autry first heard a man screaming for help outside her home on Christmas Eve. He was freezing.

Autry told sister station 10TV WGRZ: “The wind was blowing him away. I saw his body and then I didn’t see his body. He stumbled and fell.”

Autry enlisted the help of her boyfriend Trent to get the man inside. When he found White, he was almost frozen.

“Ice balls were on his hands. He was like frozen, his pants were frozen, his shoes were frozen.”

After failing to get White’s help for frostbite and poor circulation from 911 and the National Guard, White stayed with the family for two days. It was then that she asked for help, and Worthington and his brother-in-law responded.

They arrived in a GMC truck and drove White to a nearby hospital with Autry in the back seat. Worthington carried White to the hospital, placing him in a wheelchair.

“When we put him through those sliding doors and they told us to put him in a wheelchair, you know, he mumbled thank you and cried, you know, it was like winning the rose cup. It was like beating Michigan. It was something I will never forget,” Worthington said.

Worthington said that saving the man was a collective effort.

“I was one of the few who wanted to make sure this person was taken care of,” he said.

According to WGRZ, White remains in the hospital with severe frostbite. His sister Yvonne said that this is a touch, if his hands can be saved.

Worthington, who is now back home in Columbus, told 10TV’s Andrew Kinsey that he hopes to be reunited with White when he recovers.

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