First locally transmitted case of monkeypox reported in the Dallas County area, the fifth confirmed case in the area

Dallas, Texas – A total of four monkeypox cases have been reported in the Dallas County area until this week, and all of these cases reported a history of international travel. This week, a fifth monkeypox case was officially reported, and this seems to be the first locally transmitted case, per the Dallas health officials.

Dallas County Health and Human Services said that the person went to a Dallas hospital with a rash where he was diagnosed with monkeypox after several tests were conducted. The fifth case, per the health officials, is an out-of-state visitor who was in town for the Daddyland Festival over the July 4th weekend.

In addition, the local health officials advise those who attended the festival to immediately seek medical help if they develop symptoms of monkeypox because health officials believe that many people have been exposed and possibly, infected.

Monkeypox infection is possible “through contact with body fluids, monkeypox sores, or shared items (such as clothing and bedding) that have been contaminated with fluids or sores of a person with monkeypox.”

Those with monkeypox may develop symptoms such as a fever, swollen lymph nodes, and general body aches before developing a rash.

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