Duncanville woman previously reported missing found dead in Dallas, her roommate is the main suspect in the death, arrested

Dallas, TX – Juanita Rodriguez, the Duncanville woman who was missing since last weekend, was found dead in Dallas and her roommate is the main suspect in the case, local authorities confirmed.

According to Dallas police, Rodriguez’s roommate, identified as Clinton Jones, was arrested and held on a $1.5 million bond regarding her death.

The woman was missing since last weekend and police say Jones is the main murder suspect believed to have killed her last Saturday. Surveillance pictures captured at the scene obtained by the police show someone looking like Jones and he even admitted to have been at the scene after he was arrested on Thursday.

Jones on Friday was charged with murder and held in Dallas County jail.

According to the victim’s family, Rodriguez and the 65-year-old Jones have been friends for more than two decades, and they were roommates in the last two years.

The police found Rodriguez’s dead body wrapped in a tarp and duct tape off South Ledbetter Drive with a single gunshot wound to the head.

Jones, who claimed he and the victim were in a relationship, was the one who reported Rodriguez missing to the local police department on Monday after no one had seen her since last Saturday.

Dallas police said surveillance cameras on the same street show “a tall, thin black male wearing a beanie, glasses, coveralls, a shirt with horizontal strips and gloves exit a vehicle” late Saturday night.

Investigators said the video also revealed another person was seen in the passenger seat, but they didn’t get out.

Jones became suspicious when he admitted he was at the scene, but couldn’t explain why. Police searched his house and found clothes matching the person in the photo at the crime scene, including the same overalls, gloves, a 22-revolver pistol and cleaning products.

Police didn’t disclose who the second person with Jones was.

This is a developing story. Stay with us for updates when available.

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