Did you know that Sydney Sweeney once got to work with Amber Heard in a John Carpenter film?

Did you know that Sydney Sweeney once got to work with Amber Heard in a John Carpenter film?

In addition to being a Hollywood star, Sydney Sweeney is on her way to the fame she has always dreamed of. She has more than ten major projects on her account, but the beginning of her career was not easy for White Lotus star. The 25-year-old actress worked for many small roles before she finally landed her big one.

Apparently, the most the significant role she ever got was to play the young Alice in Ward. The film was released in 2010 and was directed by John Carpenter, known for his horror and science fiction films. Sweeney landed a role with a megastar like Heard and went to work under one of the greatest horror directors of all time.

The Spokane native was barely thirteen when she got her chance to star in this horror thriller. However, Ward was neither the actress’s first project nor her first work in a horror film. She starred in a movie called ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction a year before the release of the director’s film about Carpenter. But what was the movie about and what roles did they play? Euphoria actress did before boarding Ward?

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What is Sydney Sweeney starring in 2010?

The chamber was the story of a woman, Kristen, who was extremely disturbed and burned her property before she was sent to a psychiatric hospital. At the facility, she encountered several female patients who were being tormented by a ghost named Alice. Apparently, Kristen went out of her way to help the women escape. The film then took a pretty drastic turn, revealing a major truth about Kristen, thus ending everything for good.

Remainder of The cast included Mamie Gummer, Laura Lee, Danielle Panabaker and Lindsey Fonseca. sharp objects the actress has worked on major TV shows such as criminal minds And Heroes before landing this film. Although Ward did not work out, Euphoria The actress made her way to the big screen.

Sydney Sweeney then worked in Grey’s Anatomy And Pretty Little Liars and films like opium eater before she landed her first lead role in a Netflix series. Everything sucks! In short, from very short roles to two Emmy Award nominations, the actress has come a long way.

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