Dallas students donated and raised $120,000 to help and support Ukraine

Dallas, Texas – Since Russia invaded Ukraine nearly month and a half ago, millions of people around the world are trying to help and support Ukraine with donating money, food, clothes etc.

Students with the St. Rita’s Catholic School in Dallas can now be really proud of themselves after they managed to raise a total of $120,000 to help and support those impacted by the war.

According to the school officials, teachers and students decided to start with crafting and selling yellow and blue ribbon pins to show support of Ukraine. Their so-called project was part of the ‘war in Ukraine lesson’ and they decided to donate all of the money and directly support those in need of help. In addition, students each started bringing in a dollar and as of Friday, they raised $120,000 in direct assistance for Ukraine.

“Things don’t cost that much over there,” said Norma Valdez, with Catholic Relief Services. “We try to buy things from the local economy to keep things stable.”

Another teacher said she was nothing but surprised when four students showed up the first day and donated $100 each, although they were only asked to bring in one dollar. She’s the one who initially felt compelled to do something.

“I actually teach a very little basic Ukrainian here as part of one of my world electives,” said Agnes Denvir, a world arts teacher at the private school.

However, things changed when a family of a student, very concerned about the situation in Ukraine and touched by the fundraising efforts of the students, wrote a $100,000 check for the cause.

The project ended up to be more than successful and the school held an event on Friday informing the public about the results of the fundraising project. Ukrainian woman, who has a sister in Dallas and arrived from Kyiv on Monday, came at the event to thank the students in person about their efforts saying that Ukrainians are feeling the love from around the world in these difficult times for them.

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