Dallas Mavericks dropped mask requirement for home games

Dallas, TX – Dallas Mavericks fans who will attend the team’s home games are no longer required to wear face masks or face coverings during the games, Dallas Mavericks officials announced on Thursday.

According to the Mavericks’ announcement, the policy was put into effect immediately and those who attended Thursday’s Mavs game against Golden State at the American Airlines Center, were no longer required to wear face masks.

While most of the fans welcome this change, others are worried because Omicron still spreads in the North Texas area.

“It’s a little worrisome but the CDC has said the transmission has gone down so they’re following guidelines from the CDC so it’s tough to blame them but there will still be cases because they’re making those changes,” Dr. Jay Herd, Chief Medical Officer Baylor Scott & White All Saints Fort Worth said.

In the last several weeks, the number of new Covid-19 cases is declining and while CDC loosened the pandemic measures and mask guidelines, people are advised to wear face masks while indoors, especially in public places where no social distancing is possible.

“People are still getting sick, people are still coming to the hospital, even though it’s less people are still intubated. People are still dying daily from this, so it’s not gone completely away,” Dr. Herd added.

Dr. Herd also added that those who recovered from Covid-19 and those who got their booster shot recently are more protected from the others, but everyone still has to be cautious.

The mandated COVID-19 protocol to submit proof of vaccination or negative test within 48 hours of entry still applies for fans seated within 15 feet of the court.

The Mavericks said they will continue to monitor local COVID-19 trends and make adjustments to the policies, as warranted, with guidance from the CDC, NBA and local officials.

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