Cuyahoga County Courts Provide Gambling Advice as Ohio Legalizes Sports Betting

CLEVELAND — The Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas is now providing gambling addiction counseling for those convicted of a gambling offense as Ohio prepares to legalize sports betting on January 1st.

The initiative is called the Gambling Trouble Program, and Cuyahoga County Administrative Judge Chairman Brendan Sheehan said it has specially trained probation officers who will help with gambling addiction.

“If a judge imposes public scrutiny sanctions on them, which is a probationary period, they should receive special training and counseling,” Sheehan said. “We see the negative effects of gambling, but we have never been able to identify it, so you have a great opportunity to get this screening before they go to jail.”

“It will be mental health, impulse control, counseling, group counseling, thinking for a change, all these tools that we have to help those with gambling addictions,” Sheehan added. the root of the problem, what this person is doing and his criminal behavior, and provide them with the necessary treatment in advance, which will hopefully reduce the number of our prisoners.”

Victoria Little, a licensed professional counselor at Recovery Resources, told News 5 that the program will help deal with the increase in consultations for gambling addiction.

“Marriages were broken and separated, finances that people are preparing to lose their homes, problems with other family members because they borrowed money, and they weren’t completely honest about why they borrowed money,” Little said. – With sports. Rates are getting more affordable, there will definitely be a surge and I know we’ve seen a surge in Recovery Resources over the last couple of months.”

Little urged those facing problem gambling to contact Recovery Resources or call the Ohio Gambling Helpline at 1-800-589-9966.

Little believes the program will break the vicious circle of gambling crimes.

“Putting someone in jail for stealing money because of their gambling problem, what a solution for them,” Little said. so they can live on.”

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