Cleveland Residents Cope with No Heat, No Water, No Water, Now Ordered to Void

CLEVELAND. Four dozen tenants of the Edgewater Park Manor apartments in Cleveland say they’ve been dealing with a series of serious issues over the course of several weeks, which now see them facing an order to vacate the complex.

June Lloyd told News 5 that the complex is now without heat or running water and was left with flooding and walls collapsing after frozen pipes burst on Christmas Day. Lloyd said the boiler at the complex broke down in early December, leaving the plumbing vulnerable to frozen water, causing water to flood the underground garage and damage walls and ceilings in the building.

Cleveland Residents Coping With No Heating, Broken Pipes And No Water Supply Ordered To Get Out

Cody Murphy

Edgewater Park estate tenant June Lloyd is now forced to move out due to multiple problems at the complex.

“I decided to try to move out, but I still have problems because financially I am not ready, I was not ready for all this,” Lloyd said. “It was a nightmare, at one point I was sleeping in the car to keep warm.”

Megan Parrish, who is a tenant of The Breakers section at Edgewater Park Manor Apartments, said the future of her young daughter and husband is currently uncertain. Parrish said her family has been dealing with water and heating outages for weeks and is constantly turning to Overland Properties for help.

Cleveland Residents Coping With No Heating, Broken Pipes And No Water Supply Ordered To Get Out

Edgewater Park estate tenant

Some tenants at the Edgewater Park Apartments in Cleveland have experienced significant water damage to their ceiling.

“It was terrible, to be honest, we didn’t even know what to do with ourselves,” Parrish said. – The garage was flooded, it was terrible, we woke up in a panic, we heard the screams of people below. to try and get their cars out. This was a neglect in the maintenance of the apartments, both in public areas and in our private spaces.”

Cleveland Residents Coping With No Heating, Broken Pipes And No Water Supply Ordered To Get Out

Cody Murphy

Edgewater Park Manor tenants were given 48 hours notice to vacate the property due to multiple issues.

News 5 contacted Overland Properties management and the company responded immediately through their lawyer. News 5 reported that the installation of the new boiler at the complex will begin on December 30 and will take about four days. The company said it offered hotel rooms to displaced tenants and gave them the option to terminate the lease so they could relocate for free.

An attorney for Overland Properties told News 5 that tenants will be refunded the rent for the days the complex did not have heating and will not charge rent to tenants for the days in January until the complex is deemed habitable again. . The company said it is fully cooperating with the Cleveland Building and Housing Authority to ensure that renovations to the complex are appropriate and safe.

However, tenants such as June Lloyd believe that if proper maintenance of the complex had been carried out consistently, none of the problems would have arisen.

“The boilers should have been addressed years ago,” Lloyd said. “They shouldn’t have just waited for everything to collapse.”

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