Cities call for preventive measures after pipe burst

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) — Extreme cold weather followed by rapid warming this week has caused pipes to freeze and subsequently burst in northwest Ohio.

Workers in the city of Toledo patched up 14 water breaks and responded to more than 60 calls from residents asking them to shut off water over the long weekend.

“It was the perfect storm: extreme temperatures, Christmas holidays, long weekends. And at these temperatures we get frozen lines, frozen meters, this has created several water pipe breaks. So it was just very chaotic,” said Todd Saums, water supply manager for Toledo.

A similar story in the city of Sandusky.

“For the last five days we have been getting phone calls almost non-stop. As the weather cools and then warms up a bit, we’re worried that some of the frozen pipelines that weren’t getting water could thaw, and then we could find a lot more leaks,” Sandusky CEO. Public Works Aaron Klein said, “We can have water leaking out of our houses, like we did over the weekend.”

Sandusky crews have responded to more than 80 residential calls and the calls continue to come in.

“We think that with the thaw we will have more phone calls. But also, as people return home from the holidays, we also expect more calls because they may not even know that their basements are flooded that day. point,” Klein said.

According to Saums, most housing problems are preventable.

“All this is very easy to prevent from the homeowner. Do some insulation, tighten up that crawl space and it will make a big difference,” Saums said.

You can visit the City of Toledo website for information on how to prevent your home’s water pipes from freezing and bursting.

If you’re having plumbing problems, you can call Engage Toledo at 419-936-2020 for help turning off the water.

Similarly, if you live in Sandusky and have a plumbing problem, Klein advises calling 419-627-5893 to their account department.

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