Building Better Schools: Rogers High School Fundraises for The Big Easy

TOLEDO, OH (WTVG) — Last year, the Rogers Choir made history with a performance in the state, and this year the choir is targeting “The Big Easy.”

But before the choir can achieve its goal, the students need to enlist the support of the community.

“Many students will tell you that this is more than just a lesson, it’s an escape,” said Dr. Joan Waldorf, Rogers’ choir teacher.

Rogers’ student Deja Lewis described the class as a coping mechanism.

“Coming here, it’s like overcoming difficulties, it’s just very easy for me to communicate with people who can also sing. It’s like motivation,” she said.

Although singing is not a hobby for every student, some students say that the support they receive from Dr. Waldorf makes the sessions rewarding.

Said Rogers sophomore Olis Frison

“She cares so much about the students here, at least more than anyone else,” Frison said.

Maureona Adams, a student at Rogers College, said she loved Dr. Waldorf.

“She goes above and beyond always, every day, does her best, her heart is for us and I really love her. I love you, Dr. Waldorf. I love you,” Adams said.

This appreciation is mutual, as Dr. Waldorf loves his students very much. Dr. Waldorf told 13abc that she knows how hard it is to be a young adult in Toledo and she hopes to give her students a life-changing experience by traveling south from June 12-18.

“Students need to know what kind of experience they have. They also need to know historically where we are as a society in America and I think we need to go back to basics. Know your history, know what happened in the past, so as not to make such mistakes, ”said Dr. Waldorf.

The choir has been raising funds for several months, but not all students are covered.

“The trip is $1,000 per child and we’re just trying to make up the difference for a couple of places we don’t have… I just want to give them the opportunity to explore our country and see how beautiful it is. and how beautiful our country really is,” said Dr. Waldorf.

If you or a company would like to make a donation, please contact the school.

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