Bill Maher Burns ‘Crazy’ San Francisco Reparations Plan: ‘It’s Crazy’

Realnoe Vremya host Bill Maher lashed out at San Francisco’s “crazy” reparations plan that will bring millions of dollars to black residents.

During a Friday night panel discussion with former presidential candidate Andrew Yang and Rep. Elissa Slotkin, Michigan, Maher asked if the reparations proposal was going “too far” by saying giving every black person $5.” quite a bit of”. million

“Even I didn’t get that far,” Yang joked, alluding to his Universal Basic Income policy that he implemented in 2020.

“I mean, when people ask why you oppose awakening craziness, it’s because it’s crazy. Isn’t that crazy?” Maher said. “And by the way, San Francisco has no history of slavery or anything like that, you know. This will cost each remaining citizen $600,000 each. This is crazy, isn’t it?”

Yang called the proposal a “political statement,” telling Maher, “We have a lot of people at various stages of public service who are pushing bills and policies that are more about messaging and starting fires on social media than they really are.” trying to convey something.

The HBO star also addressed the riots that erupted at Stanford University, when progressive law students shouted down Trump-nominated federal judge Kyle Duncan, who was invited to speak on campus, but the disruption was backed by the law school’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) dean Thirien Steinbach .

In the clip shown by Maher, Steinbach is heard asking Duncan “is it worth the pain it causes”.

“Is it worth the pain?” Is freedom of speech “worth the pain”? And does it really hurt? Does it really hurt? If you don’t like this guy, don’t go to his lecture!” Maher exclaimed.

Slotkin responded by insisting that college campuses should be places for free speech, regardless of their policies, but called Duncan “a bit of a fragile flower”.

“I mean, break through, man. Like, just keep going,” said Slotkin.

“That was impossible,” Maher retorted. “Doesn’t it bother you that a university officer is standing up there protecting the hooligans, and not the speaker?” Because that’s what she did. She was protecting the bullies, not the speaker.”

Maher then turned to the University of Michigan, citing statistics that the college has “142” DEI employees on staff.

– That’s a lot, isn’t it? Maher responded. “It has become a cottage industry? I mean, is this something where there are jobs now? And will these people ever want to quit their jobs?”

“I don’t mind any institution looking at itself and hiring people to do it. I have friends who do this for Fortune 100 companies. That’s good,” Slotkin replied. “I don’t know about 142 jobs, but I have no problem with institutions that think and try to do better in their own way. I have no problem with this.

“So when I ran for president, I was trying to figure out why colleges got two and a half times more expensive, but not two and a half times better,” Yang said. . “And that’s because they hired two and a half times as many administrators. So the bloat is going in many different directions.”

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