Authorities in DeWine County, Columbia are issuing an evacuation notice to residents living near the train derailment.

At approximately 8:00 pm, Governor Mike DeWine dispatched the Ohio National Guard to the East Palestine area to assist local authorities.

EAST PALESTINE, Ohio – “Urgent Evacuation Notice” was sent posted Sunday night by Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine. and DC officials for anyone living within a mile of the train wreck.

From about 18:30, a sharp change in temperature was noticed in the car at the crash site. Officials are warning of a “catastrophic tanker accident” that could cause a deadly explosion of shrapnel capable of flying a mile in all directions.

At approximately 8:00 pm, DeWine dispatched the Ohio National Guard to the area to assist local authorities.

East Palestine officials successfully evacuated most people within a one-mile radius, but said more than 500 people in the evacuation zone refused to leave their homes.

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East Palestine Mayor Trent Conaway declared a state of emergency on Saturday, citing a “train derailment with hazardous materials.” Air quality was monitored throughout the one mile area and evacuation was ordered.

Norfolk Southern said 20 of more than 100 vehicles were classified as carrying hazardous materials, defined as cargo that could pose any hazard, “including flammable, combustible or environmental risks.”

Those who have children in their homes and refuse to evacuate could be arrested, the D.C. sheriff said.

Those who need help evacuating the area are asked to call 330-426-4341.

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