Authorities arrested a second suspect in an organized theft from a vehicle dealership

Fort Worth, Texas – Authorities in Smith County said a Fort Worth man is now the second suspect who has been arrested in connection with a well-planned theft of several vehicles from a vehicle dealership in Tyler.

The 20-year-old Fort Worth resident, Brandon Harbor, was taken into Smith County Jail on Tuesday after being extradited from Tarrant County, according to Public Information Officer Larry Christian for the Smith County Sheriff’s Office.

Harbor is currently being held on $250,000 bail on charges of participating in organized criminal activities. Harbor is a well-known offender to authorities and has been arrested on several occasions in the past. The last time he was arrested was in connection with a separate vehicle theft by the Arlington police.

According to multiple sources, the incident that Harbor is currently being held for in Smith County Jail occurred on October 26, 2021. Reports indicate that at least three vehicles have been stolen from the East Texas Direct Auto business on State Highway 155 in Tyler by Harbor and four other individuals.

Authorities have previously arrested 20-year-old Monterious Carnell Johnson for participating in the organized theft.

Information about whether the remaining suspects in the theft have been identified or not was not made public.

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