Are the royals correct in proving Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s bullying claims by honoring Jason Knauf?

December 8, 2022 sparked a looming pile of controversy around British royalty over a Netflix documentary series about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Throughout the 6-episode limited series, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have made several allegations against British royalty. However, it seems that the royal family keeps their faithful, loved ones, no matter what.

The new year for the royal family is the time for the ritual of ceremonial honors. The monarchy apparently offers honorary awards to those who have done exceptional work for the royal family, which is now led by King Charles III. Among many, one person listed may shock you. The former royal aide who filed a complaint against the Duchess of Sussex, accusing her of bullying himself and staff, appears to be recognized for his services to the monarchy.

The British king presented a New Year’s award to a former royal aide who accused Meghan Markle of bullying

After working for seven years with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and then with the then Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, king deserved Jason Knauf with the rank of Lieutenant of the Royal Victorian Order (RVO). He retired at the end of 2021 as chief executive of the Royal William and Kate Foundation, ending his tenure with the royal family.

Notably, in an apparent attempt to get Buckingham Palace to protect employees, he sent an email expressing his concerns about Meghan to William’s then private secretary while working as public relations secretary for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in October 2018.. The Duchess’s legal team has vehemently denied the allegations made by him.

Also, in a recent Netflix documentary series, Meghan’s lawyer said the former employee could not testify in the Duchess’s copyright case against the newspaper publisher. “without the permission of their superiors.” She also sued the publication for publishing fragments of her personal letter with the consent of its boss. And although Meghan Markle came out the winner, ANL asked to go through the trial again, since the evidence provided by Knauf may indicate something else. However, the court did not listen and ruled in favor of the duchess.

In the latest episode of the series, Prince Harry also revealed that the royal family even tried to hide the aide’s connection to Prince William.

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