Amazon enters the web3 market with new NFT initiative

Amazon, the international marketplace, is the latest multinational company to jump into the world of web3 with a new NFT initiative. The news, according to sources familiar with the brand’s internal affairs, is that the company plans to launch its digital asset project in the first quarter of 2023.

Alongside this initiative, Amazon is eyeing a number of digital asset exchanges, startups, and layer 1 blockchain protocols for its initiative. In addition, the team is also looking for developers to quickly expand their project.

In particular, according to close sources, Amazon has a particular interest in blockchain games and other non-fungible token applications. At this point, however, the specifics of this initiative are still a matter of speculation, but it could very well bridge the gap between the current user pool and blockchain games.

If Amazon manages to bridge this gap, it will not only become one of the biggest main contenders for web3 advancement. However, it can pose a huge threat to an already well-established business. But the prevailing questions remain about what the company’s exact goals will be. And if there is a broader ambition to fight digital asset markets through blockchains.

Even now, the company is showing enthusiasm for web3, posting job listings for web developers and engineers with the web3 skill set.

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