Akron Public Schools Posts FAQ Page About Possible Teacher Strike

ACRON, Ohio — The Akron Board of Education and public school administrators are preparing for a potential teacher strike just three days after students are expected to return from winter break.

The Akron Education Association announced a 10-day strike early Thursday morning after contract talks with the school board failed and the first half of the year was marked by violent education violations such as student fights, stabbings, school firearms and assaults. on teachers.

While there is still a chance that the union and board can reach an agreement before the January 9 strike, both sides are bracing for the worst. On Friday, APS administrators released a strike FAQ page.

Answering the questions: “What is a 10-day strike permit and what happens during this time, will training continue during the strike and what if my family does not have the opportunity to care for a child.”

Under “What are the outstanding issues or remaining topics for negotiation?” APS specifically said:

The two sides reached preliminary agreement on a number of important issues. While several issues remain unresolved, the key ones appear to be wages, health insurance, additional unlimited days of personal leave, and more specific provisions for determining student assault, as outlined in the impartial fact-finder’s report.

Akron Public School parent Teresa Ridgway said the wording of the answer to this question is one of the many things that upset her.

“They put school safety on the back burner. They want to put teacher salaries and health insurance first, which is not what is at the forefront of this battle. This is school safety,” she said. “They keep twisting it to make it look like the teachers are looking for a fair wage or insurance, so those are selfish reasons and they’re not.”

The page says that if teachers go on strike, teaching will continue online:

Our students will continue their education while teachers are away from our school buildings. There will be a syllabus and recommended daily schedule to enable students to transition to online learning. This will include the ability for students to meet online with adults and the ability to independently complete online lessons at their own pace. This approach is consistent with our approved school district blended learning plan. While face-to-face learning is certainly preferable, our educational community has a great deal of experience in assisting students with virtual learning.

Ridgway said the answer was too vague.

“What is an adult? Does this adult have a criminal record? Who will be on the other end of the computer if my child is at home and they are meeting with my child. Who is this person? Are they qualified as teachers? she asked.

News 5 contacted Mark Williamson, the county’s communications director, and he said the “adults” are not county employee union members and building administrators.

APS said Ohio law requires students to work online during the strike.

The parent, who wished to remain anonymous, told News 5 that her child would not participate in online learning, but would instead perform at the Akron Educational Association.

“I will not send my child to school and he will not be involved in any school activities or homework of any kind,” she said. “I hope teachers get everything on their wish list.”

Ridgway supported her opinion.

“They are trying to intimidate and intimidate parents into agreeing to this online learning that they are going to organize while the teachers are on strike, but really what we parents should do is stand next to these teachers and say: “No, we don’t participate.” in this,” she said.

Other important topics to note on the FAQ page:

Breakfast and lunch for students will be provided as takeaway packages.

There will be no extracurricular activities in the district because teachers make up the majority of the club’s advisors, including sports.

Staff will be available to support mental health and education.

If you don’t have child care options, APS says:

We understand that some families will need help with childcare. A limited number of places will be reserved at student support centers for families in need of insurance as a last resort. If there is no agreement and a strike appears imminent, APS will initiate the pre-registration process for families as soon as possible.

Student Support Centers for pre-registered students in grades K-5 will be open from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm daily during the strike period. Students can be dropped off from 8:20 AM and must be handed over to their parents/guardians to return home no later than 2:40 PM daily.

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