‘Age gap is…’ – Therapists deconstruct Billie Eilish and Jesse Rutherford’s relationship

‘Age gap is…’ – Therapists deconstruct Billie Eilish and Jesse Rutherford’s relationship

Billie Eilish tends to make headlines no matter what she does. Whether you’re winning a Grammy or an Oscar, topping Billboard, being the female singer of the year, or dating someone ten years older Eilish always makes the world talk. The Ocean Eyes singer is often compared to another talented artist who has received recognition far beyond her years, Taylor Swift. Musical geniuses aren’t the only thing Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish have in common. Eilish has often cited Ty Swift as an inspiration, but there are quite a few jokes up her sleeve online.

As soon as the 21-year-old singer began to hang out with musician Jesse Rutherford, who is 10 years older than her, fans criticized their relationship.. One particular TikTok user chose to bring in Eilish’s brother, who helps her with most of her music, saying: “Your sister is dating a 31 year old man and your music is shit.” The video went viral enough for Finneas Eilish and certified therapist to answer it.

The therapist gives her two cents on Billie Eilish and her 31-year-old boyfriend.

Considering how everyone on the internet has turned into relationship experts, seeing Billie Eilish kiss Jesse Rutherford, who, in case you missed the banner, is a whole decade older than her. Tammy Nelson, a certified psychotherapist, also shared her thoughts on the age difference and what it means in a relationship.. According to Insider, the therapist said: a person’s personality, interests, maturity level and circumstances can make it suitable for someone else regardless of age.” She further added

However, she also added that it could reveal differences in “humor, lifestyle and hobbies that can isolate partners“. Like now, Eilish and Rutherford look far from isolated, judging by photos from the Grammy-winning singer’s 21st birthday party.

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Moreover, Billie Eilish even patted herself on the back in her annual Vanity Fair interview. “I managed to get to a point in my life where not only was I known by the person I thought was the hottest fucking motherfucker in the world, but I kicked his ass.” said the enamored Eilis.

Another therapist named Sarah Thicke also told Insider that “knowing whether a partner prefers to stay at home or party with friends is another important consideration.Again, if you look at pictures from Eilish’s 21st birthday party, Rutherford looked happier than her parties with iconic musicians. Age difference is not a sure sign that a relationship is doomed.“, – said the therapist. Although no one can say whether Billie Eilish and Jesse Rutherford will stay together forever, according to certified therapists, their ten-year age difference is not the first thing that separates them.

What do you think of people criticizing Billie Eilish for dating someone ten years older?



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