Actor Sam Neill reveals he battled non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma while promoting Jurassic World Dominion.

‘Jurassic Park’ star Sam Neill revealed that during last year’s Jurassic World Dominion tour, he also battled stage 3 non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

75 year old told the BBC in an interview on Friday that he first became aware of his diagnosis in March 2022 after finding lumpy glands in his neck.

At first, Neil thought his outlook was bleak: “I’m a fraud, I’m dying,” he told the BBC, those were his first thoughts.

Luckily, Neil said he is now in remission, although he still faces “black days” and difficult issues, such as hair loss during his first round of chemo, a treatment he is still receiving even though his tumors have disappeared.

“More than anything, I want my beard back,” Neil told the BBC. “I don’t like the look of my face at all.”

According to Mayo Clinic. It is most common in people over 60 years of age or in people with suppressed immune systems.

Although cancer has been a difficult obstacle for Neil, he has said that he prefers to focus on the positive and live life to the fullest.

“I’m not afraid to die. What I don’t want is to stop living because I really enjoy living,” Neil told the BBC. “I saw it as an adventure, a rather dark adventure, but an adventure nonetheless. And the good days are fantastic, and when you get good news, it’s absolutely thrilling.”

Neil told the BBC that his “ferocious type of aggressive” cancer inspired him to start writing about his life – a distraction that turned into a passion for the Peaky Blinders actor, and the stories he wrote quickly turned into full-fledged memoirs about his illness and his 50-year career: “Did I ever tell you that?”

“I didn’t think I had a book, I just thought I’d write some short stories. And I found it all the more exciting,” Neil told the BBC. “A year later, not only did I write the book—I didn’t have a ghostwriter—but it came out in record time.”

He added that his book is not about cancer, but rather about his life experiences, such as meeting Barbara Streisand.

“The last thing I want is for people to fixate on cancer because I don’t really care about cancer,” Neal said. “I’m not interested in anything but life.”

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