Absentee Ballots Mailed to Foreign Citizens of Ohio

Ohio residents serving in the military overseas will soon receive their absentee ballots. They are in favor of the upcoming primaries on May 2.

Throughout the state, district election commissions mailed absentee ballots to uniformed and foreign citizens. They have 46 days to return their ballots to the district election commission.

Secretary of State Frank LaRose encourages any eligible foreign voter with questions about the process to visit the Federal Voting Assistance Program website at FVAP.gov For more information.

LaRose says the military is also helping soldiers who are unsure about the process.

“In every division there is a person who is called a voting assistant – this is an additional duty,” LaRose explained. “They are working to ensure that their overseas staff have access to the Internet and printers.”

LaRose says overseas Ohioers don’t have to wait for mail and can get their ballot faster.

“One of the other great things foreign voters can do is get their ballot by email. Then you need to print it. You still need to sign it and return it. .

go to VoteOhio.gov to download the Federal Post Card Application, check your voter registration status, find your polling place, view a sample ballot, and track the status of your absentee ballot.

You can also call the Ohio Secretary of State’s office at 614-466-2585 or email him at [email protected]. Secretary LaRose is a US Special Forces Green Beret combat veteran and current member of the US Army Reserve.

Each absentee ballot must be signed and stamped no later than Election Day, May 2. UACAVA ballots may be returned by the US Postal Service, APO/FPO system, pouch or other delivery service such as UPS or FedEx, or in person.

Ballots must reach their respected Electoral Commission no later than May 6th.

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