A little boy from Fort Worth battling rare brain disease got the perfect birthday present with the support of the community

Fort Worth, TX – Rylan Pruitt, a little boy from Fort Worth who is battling a rare brain disease, had the time of his life in what appears to be a special birthday celebration.

Pruitt is a huge fan of everything that comes with an engine. From sports cars to trucks, the little boy simply loves the sound of a powerful engine.

According to Pruitt’s family, the boy has been fighting rare brain cancer since May 2021 and latest tests show that the cancer had spread to his spine.

Once the community learned about his passion, many people decided to chime in and create a special atmosphere in front of his house as a birthday gift.

Since Pruitt enjoys the sound of revving engines and sirens, motorcycles, fire trucks, and even a cement truck throttled down his street for a drive-by birthday celebration.

The community’s effort is an additional support for both the kid and his parents to continue their long and exhausting journey.

“It’s definitely hope when you feel hopeless,” Marisa Pruitt said. “It shows you how many people are truly behind you when there’s a situation that you can’t control at all.”

His mom said so many people showed up to celebrate Rylan’s birthday that they had to set up a staging area at Eaton High School and have police escort vehicles to their home.

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