A 32-year-old old man from Fort Worth admitted to intentionally setting several grass fires in last few days, arrested and charged

Fort Worth, Texas – In the last two weeks, Fort Worth officials responded to about two dozen grass fires in the area. Although none of these fires resulted in deaths, injuries or damaged properties, in some cases, the flames came dangerously close to homes and people.

The increasing number of grass fires in the area prompted an investigation, which resulted in the arrest and charging of a 32-year-old who is accused of setting these fires. According to the latest available information, Julio Frausto of Fort Worth was arrested and charged with two felonies, including one count of arson.

The investigation is still ongoing, and Frausto may face additional charges. However, the local authorities confirmed that the suspect admitted to setting several fires in the area. The police didn’t provide more details, and the motive behind the incidents still remains unknown.

On Tuesday, the local fire departments responded to two grass fires in Fort Worth. One of them took place on Angle Avenue. Although the fire didn’t come close to the residential properties, local residents were shocked by what they were seeing. Fire crews managed to extinguish the fire on time and now deaths, injuries, and damage have been reported.

On the other hand, the grass fire that took place at The Landings at Marine Creek apartment complex was much closer to the residential properties. While the fire crews were working to put the fire under control, some of the local residents were packing their belongings and were ready to leave the apartment complex at any moment. Fortunately, before 8 a.m. on Tuesday, they were notified by the responding fire crews that the grass fire didn’t pose a risk to the apartment complex.

On Thursday, fire crews responded to Buck Samson Park for a grass fire incident.

The suspect was spotted by witnesses after leaving the scene of multiple fires the week before his arrest. Investigators are looking to determine how the fires were started and if Frausto is responsible for all of them. In addition, the local authorities are trying to figure out if Frausto was acting alone.

Frausto’s arrest comes as a relief for the local community, especially for Fort Worth residents who live in areas where these grass fires occurred.

The investigation into the case is ongoing. Once more details are available, we will update the case.

Stay with us for updates.

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